Welcoming activities 2019

After our Inauguration Seminar on the first day of the Program (June 24th, 2019), the students of UAM’s Summer School of Economics and Business enjoyed our traditional Paella on Campus. After the tasty meal, our local students in the Buddy Program led a Campus Tour first, and then our traditional Madrid Walking Tour.

The Madrid Walking Tour is not a classical “professional” tour. You can actually take this kind of tour free of charge thanks to the Municipal Government of Madrid. Our Madrid Walking Tour is an occasion for our students to get to know each other and begin to strengthen ties. They all take the commuter train from UAM to downtown, and in 21 minutes they are in the heart of the city, Puerta del Sol. Then, it is up to the taste of our “tour guides” where to lead the group.

This year, it seems they had a lot of fun. The tour ended at Temple of Debod, the oldest building in Madrid, although it wasn’t obviously originally built in Madrid. It was brought from Egypt, where it was going to disappear under the water after the Aswan Dam was built.

Great first day! Great group of students from all over the World!

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