Syllabus, schedule, venue, and social and cultural events and academic field trips

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Download here the STTIHAM-23 syllabus

And if you want to extend your studies for 4 more weeks at the Summer School of Economics and Business, check out the SSEB course syllabi here:


Teaching takes place in the period June 12th – 23rd, 2023. Generally, there will be three 1.5-hour classes per day, separated by 15-minute breaks, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The detailed schedule will be published approximately one month prior to the start of classes.


Classes will take place in the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Social and cultural events and academic field trips

They may occupy part of the afternoons, leaving the rest free. Some events or visits may take place in the morning; in this case, the class schedule would be adjusted to accommodate morning activities.

The detailed program will be announced later, but you can get an idea about these events and field trips here: