The following information has been provided by the Study Abroad at UAM Office, and it is updated as of March 2020. For further information or help, please, contact Diana Pastor at or Anjouli Janzon at

What are your options?

Residence Hall on Cantoblanco Campus

On Cantoblanco Campus, where the SSEB is located, you have the option of staying at Residencia Universitaria Erasmo. It is the only residence hall on Campus. It is run by RESA, a private firm.

Off-Campus non-university residences

Off-Campus residence halls (info in Spanish only)

Bedrooms in shared flats or with a Spanish family

  • ALUNI. The University has signed an agreement with the company ALUNI. This is a great option for those students who wish to live in the center of Madrid, in shared flats with students of all nationalities or with a Spanish family. Students should contact ALUNI directly. There is a 78.00 € administration fee, but because you’re a student at UAM you enjoy a 40% discount. To get the discount, you must send an email asking for a discount code along with your data and the reference of the flat to
  • UNIPLACES. UAM has an agreement with UNIPLACES, the largest student accommodation platform in Europe. It’s fast, simple and safe. Furthermore, they have a 25% discount off the service fee for UAM students. Ask for the promotional code to
  • Spot a Home
  • Sal y Ven

Renting an accommodation by yourself

Finally, there is always the option to rent an accommodation by visiting the sites that manage the housing market in Madrid (DO NOT send any money without having seen the place first):