Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer more scholarships than the discounts (up to 25%) described in our Web. Of course, we provide the necessary documentation (certificate of admission or enrollment, depending on the case) for you to apply for scholarships at your home university or elsewhere, if you need it.

If I am applying for a scholarship in my country to attend the SSEB, can the deadline to pay the program costs be extended?

Yes, in the case of students who are applying for scholarships from their home university or other sources, and can only pay if they get the scholarship. In this case, the registration period can be extended until the student gets funding, but his or her place at the SSEB will not be secured until registration is completed with payment.

Do I need to provide an English-level certificate?

No. We recommend a B2 level of English for our students, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, but we don’t require any proof of your English level. Therefore, you don’t need to take any tests or provide any documentation on this.

Where do most SSEB students choose to live in Madrid?

Most SSEB students (and UAM students in general) don’t live on Campus, differently from what many students are used to do at their home universities. But there is one on Campus residence, which is used by foreign students and other visitors.

Our experience is that most SSEB students prefer to live downtown and come to UAM using the public transportation (especially the commuter train, which is just a 10-25 minutes ride from downtown, depending on where you are living).

Our Campus is extraordinarily well connected to the rest of Madrid. In only 21 minutes, you are in the heart of the city, La Puerta del Sol!

Please, check our page with information about Accommodation.

Can master students enroll in the SSEB?

Yes, our courses are intended for upper-level Bachelor students and Master students.

In Spain, we follow the 4+1 system, meaning that our Bachelor’s degrees have 4 years and our Master’s degrees have 1 year. In most of the rest of Europe, the system is 3+2; 3 years of Bachelor’s and 2 of Master’s. Therefore, our 4th year at the Bachelor level is equivalent to the first year of Master level in most of the rest of Europe, and our partners’ students taking 4th year Bachelor courses at UAM are both Bachelor and Master students. In fact, our students going abroad in their 4th year take master courses at our partners.

Our Summer School of Economics and Business courses are taken from our 4th year Bachelor courses in Economics and Business. Therefore, we expect both advanced Bachelor and Master students. This is what we offer, but of course, each university decides which courses taken abroad by their students can be transferred. Please, consult with your university about credit transfer.

I’m studying the first year of my Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply to the SSEB?

Yes, you can apply, but check the specific requirements for each course in the Academic Guide and Syllabus to make an appropriate selection of courses.

Will you provide help with practical matters or problems when I’m in Madrid?

Yes, for these issues you can always request advice or help from our Study Abroad at UAM Office (studyabroad@uam.es) and from our International Welcoming Office (acogida.internacional@uam.es). Moreover, in each class there will be at least one classmate who is a UAM student serving as “buddy” in our Buddy Program.

Where do most SSEB students come from?

So far, we have had 111 students from 25 countries:

Countries TOTAL
Brazil 4 3,6%
Canada 1 0,9%
China (mainland) 29 26,1%
Denmark 1 0,9%
France 4 3,6%
Germany 2 1,8%
Greece 1 0,9%
Hong Kong 5 4,5%
Iran 1 0,9%
Italy 4 3,6%
Macau 2 1,8%
Madagascar 1 0,9%
Mexico 5 4,5%
Norway 1 0,9%
Pakistan 1 0,9%
Philippines 17 15,3%
Poland 1 0,9%
Romania 1 0,9%
Russia 3 2,7%
South Korea 1 0,9%
Spain 10 9,0%
Sweden 1 0,9%
UK 4 3,6%
USA 10 9,0%
Venezuela 1 0,9%
TOTAL 111 100,0%

If I have already registered and paid, and I change later my mind about going to the SSEB, may I get a refund?

No. According to UAM’s regulations, you would be entitled to a refund ONLY if the course you have registered for is cancelled by UAM.