Application: requirements, how to apply, and calendar

Apply for the SSEB if you are an undergraduate student or graduate in Economics or Business, and you have an appropriate level of English (we recommend a B2 level). Some courses may also be appropriate for students and graduates from other fields, such as Social Sciences in general, Political Science, Law, Environmental Studies, International Relations, Engineering, Humanities, etc.

For specific requirements, please consult the Academic Guide and Syllabus of each course.


Fill out the application form here: Application Form SSEB. Once we receive your application form, we will send you the information to pay the non-refundable application fee of 100 euros. Your application will be completed when you submit the following documents to

  • A scanned copy of your payment receipt of the non-refundable application fee.
  • A scanned copy of your passport (photo ID page) or EU ID card for EU residents.
  • A scanned copy of your university Academic Transcript showing the courses you have taken and your grades (it doesn’t need to be an official transcript).
  • Your CV.

The non-refundable application fee is considered part of the Program costs and will therefore be deducted from the total payment due. If we are no longer accepting applications for the requested course(s), you will be notified, and the application fee information will not be sent. In this way, we will prevent you from paying the fee if your application can no longer be processed.

Please, note the following deadlines, and be aware that to meet them we must have received your application fee by the last day of the deadline, as only then will your application be complete:

Early-bird-discount application deadline: Feb 28

Regular application deadline: May 31

Extraordinary-period application deadline: June 21

You will receive notification of admission to the program within 7 days from the completion of your application. Admitted applicants must register by paying the full cost of the program (minus the already paid non-refundable application fee) within 28 days from admission (when we send you the e-mail confirming admission) if you applied during the early-bird-discount period; within 14 days from admission if you applied during the regular (no-discount) period; or within 5 days from admission if you applied during the extraordinary period. After 28, 14 or 5 days without registration and payment, admission will be withdrawn, and the non-refundable application fee will be lost. In this case, if you want to reapply, you will have to pay a new non-refundable application fee.


Early-bird-discount period

No-discount period

Extraordinary period (if places still available)

Application   Window

November 1 – February 28

March 1 – May 31

June 1 – June 21

Admission   Window

Within 7 days from receiving the non-refundable application fee

Registration/   Payment   Window

Within 28 days from admission

Within 14 days from admission

Within 5 days from admission


June 26 – July 21, 2023