New Summer School!! From June 12 to 23, 2023

Just the two weeks before the Summer School of Economics and Business, you can study at the Summer School of Tourism, International Hospitality and Attractions Management. You can choose to enroll in both summer schools if you want or just in any of them.

Soon all the details!!


  • Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Sector in Europe:
    o Understanding the new tourism context and changes
    o Analyzing the new human resource policies
    o Knowing the main skills needed
    o Best practices of hotels HRM in Europe
  • Selected Topics in Hospitality Finance in Europe:
    o Valuation of hotels and valuation of hotel companies
    o The role of institutional investors in hotel ownership and in its corporate governance
    o ESG investment in hotel companies
  • Environmental Policy and Sustainable Tourism:
    o The externalities of tourism and their solution through economic instruments: Environmental degradation and congestion
    o Tradable permits applied to tourism: Tradable development rights in the USA
  • o Evaluation of non-market tourism values: Revealed preferences and contingent valuation methods
  • Customer Experience Management in Hospitality:
    o Services marketing
    o Experiential marketing
    o Experience design in hospitality
    o Customer experience in the age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Culture, History, Leisure, and Attractions Management: From the Paseo del Prado to the Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid
    o Madrid and the Golden Triangle of Art: A short visit
    o The Golden Triangle of Art: Some history
    o Art museums, infrastructure, and value in Spain
  • Cutting-edge Technology:
    o Cryptoeconomics and cryptoassets: Current and potential applications in hotel companies and other tourist companies
    o Metaverse and its role in tourist activities